Miscellaneous NIH News

Learn about changes in grant deadlines, outgoing personnel, and an open position at NIGMS.

Please note that as part of the revamping of grant applications at NIH, the page limit for online applications for K awards, T awards, and R25s is being reduced as of the January 25, 2010, deadlines. Go to the website for more specific information.

To help make an onerous job more palatable, NIH is implementing rules to allow many who provide labor-intensive service as chartered study section members, on Boards of Scientific Counselors or on institute/center advisory councils, to take advantage of an alternate system of grant application and review. A list of reviewers/advisers who are eligible for this perk will be published annually. Please read the policy to see whether you might qualify.

Elizabeth Nabel, MD, is leaving her post as Director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute effective January 1, 2010.  Read the press release.

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences, which has begun funding more behavioral and social sciences research in recent years, is advertising for a Health Scientist Administrator to manage “…the programming and evaluation of a group of applications for support of research and research training primarily in the area of modeling of social dynamics and behavior, but additionally in the areas of mathematical and computational modeling, simulation, bioinformatics, data dissemination and data mining tools, social dynamics theory and biostatistics. “  The announcement closes November 13, 2009.