Psychologists meet with Senator Pryor’s staff

Psychologists in APA’s government relations offices met with military and education staffers to discuss legislative support for military families
On November 19, psychologists from Science GRO and Public Interest GRO were invited to meet with military and education staffers in Sen. Mark Pryor’s (D-AR) office to discuss legislative support for military families. In particular, the Senator (who sits on the influential Appropriations Committee) is interested in ensuring that children of active duty military, National Guard, and Reserve families are supported in their school settings, particularly in civilian public schools that may not be as familiar with military culture and deployment issues.   Heather Kelly (Science) and Diane Elmore (Public Interest) highlighted ongoing APA initiatives in this area (e.g., the Center for Deployment Psychology), collaborations with outside groups (e.g., Sesame Workshop, the National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, the National Military Family Association, the Military Child Education Coalition), and various pieces of federal legislation that could serve as vehicles in the new Congress for language supporting military families (e.g., the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, a proposed bill regarding dually-deployed parents).