NIH responds to APA letter requesting additional analysis of substance abuse research

SUAA Task Force Co-Chair Larry Tabak indicated the task force would continue to work with subject matter experts to refine its analysis
As reported in the March issue of SPIN, APA’s Science Directorate sent a letter (PDF, 278KB) to the cochairs of the SUAA Task Force requesting additional baseline data from which to assess changes in the funding and distribution of the NIH substance use, abuse and addiction research portfolio. The letter noted that while eight NIH institutes have been consulted about the reorganization, “substance abuse” research was much more widely distributed across the NIH. On April 19, SUAA Task Force Co-Chair Larry Tabak replied (PDF, 45KB) indicating the SUAA Task Force would continue to work with subject matter experts to refine its analysis. The first joint meeting of the NIDA and NIAAA Advisory Councils planned for April 11 was cancelled due to the threat of a government shutdown and has now been rescheduled for September 13. Science GRO staff will continue monitoring the proposed reorganization as we plan the next Science Leadership Conference: “Call to Advocacy: Psychological Science and Substance Abuse,” which will bring 100 psychological scientists to Washington in October to advocate for increased federal funding for basic and translational psychological research and training in substance use and related behaviors.