Psychologists visit 143 Hill offices to support funding for substance abuse research

The scientists advocated for funding for NIH as well as critical VA and DOD projects
On October 24, as a part of APA’s 7th Annual Science Leadership Conference (SciLC), 83 scientists from 34 states visited the offices of 143 Members of Congress to educate them on the importance of substance abuse research and to advocate for federal research funding. The scientist-advocates asked House members to sign a letter (PDF, 837KB) in support of the House Appropriations Committee’s request for the National Institutes of Health (an increase of $1 billion or 3.3% for Fiscal Year 2012), to maintain funding for two critical Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense programs for substance abuse research, and to oppose amendments that seek to strike funding for ongoing peer-reviewed research projects. In the two days leading up to the Hill visits, conference participants attended advocacy training sessions and heard presentations by researchers and government officials on the effects of substance abuse on special populations (including active duty military, veterans and people in the criminal justice system), other societal costs of substance abuse, prevention research, clinical trials and policy development. More information about the SciLC is featured in the November issue of the Psychological Science Agenda.