Friends of NICHD meet with Dr. Guttmacher

Guttmacher provided an update on the Institute’s Blue Ribbon Panels and possible restructuring
On December 14, NICHD Director Alan Guttmacher met with the Friends of NICHD to update the coalition about the Institute’s current initiatives, including a Blue Ribbon Panel on NICHD’s Intramural Research Program as well as the Blue Ribbon Panel on Medical Rehabilitation Research and possible restructuring. While the goal of any restructuring is to increase cross-branch collaborations and ensure that science drives the Institute’s resources, the Institute is considering whether to collapse the Center structure, reconfigure and possibly rename some of the branches, and move research portfolios to other branches. Opportunities for stakeholders to comment on the restructuring are likely, given statutory requirements. Under the NIH Reform Act of 2006, “the director of a national research institute or a national center may, after a series of public hearings and with the approval of the Director of NIH, reorganize the divisions, centers, or other administrative units within such institute or center, including the addition, removal, or transfer of functions of such units, and the establishment or termination of such units, if the director of such institute or center determines that the overall management and operation of programs and activities conducted or supported by such divisions, centers, or other units would be more efficiently carried out under such a reorganization.’’ APA staff will monitor the process and alert our members about opportunities to comment on possible restructuring that might impact support for behavioral science.