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December 2011

Science Policy Insider News (December 2011)

Fiscal year 2012 begins at last

Science Policy Insider News

‘Megabus’ spending legislation contains nine appropriations bills

APA member chairs FDA Risk Communication Advisory Committee

Dr. Peters’ first meeting focused on direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals

Medical Rehabilitation Research Advisory Board provides input to Blue Ribbon Panel

Panel’s mission includes developing a more refined definition of rehabilitation research across NIH

Friends of NICHD meet with Dr. Guttmacher

Guttmacher provided an update on the Institute’s Blue Ribbon Panels and possible restructuring

Survey shows decline in teen cigarette and alcohol use, increase in marijuana use

Teens are consuming other tobacco products at high levels

APA staff meet with Sen. Reed’s staff on military and veteran issues

Senator Reed continues to champion support for these populations

APA Executive Branch Science Fellowship announcement

Applications are due January 6, 2012 for the 2012-2013 APA Executive Branch Science Fellowship program