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February 2013

APA Science Policy News (February 2013)

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Gun violence research: History of the federal funding freeze

By Christine Jamieson

Newtown tragedy may lead to lifting of freeze in place since 1996.

NIMH director testifies before Senate on violence and mental disorders

Both members and witnesses reiterated that there is a very low correlation between mental disorders and violence.

NIMH council meeting highlights joint NIMH and Army multi-pronged approach to suicide prevention efforts

The Army STARRS project includes a cohort of 57,000 new soldiers and an additional 31,000 Army soldiers, as well as smaller cohorts of nearly 10,000 service members pre-and post-deployment.

House Science Committee sets priorities for 113th session

Likely legislation to include bills related to space research, energy policy and reauthorization of the National Science Foundation.

PCORI accepting applications for new advisory panels

The four new advisory panels will help advance PCORI's research in the areas of addressing disparities; assessment of prevention, diagnosis and treatment options; improving health-care systems; and patient engagement.

National Cancer Advisory Board meets and receives update on NIH budget uncertainty

NCI Director Harold Varmus and other institute directors have been considering multiple strategies that will enable them to continue to fund some new grants if sharp budgets are imposed.

APA and partners advocate for regulation of cigars

Groups like The International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association and Cigar Rights of America want at least high-end cigars exempted from regulatory oversight and associated taxation.

APA staff meet with members of key congressional committees on funding for veterans’ research

APA has also coordinated a lobby day in late February for the executive committee of the Association of VA Psychologist Leaders.

Friends of NIDA to host Capitol Hill briefing on military personnel, veterans and their families and substance abuse research

The congressional briefing, organized by APA's Science Government Relations Office, will cover the National Institute on Drug Abuse's current and planned research portfolio in this area, as well as ongoing partnerships with the DoD, the VA and other NIH Institutes.