APA joins in lobby day to oppose sequestration

Researchers affected by budget cuts are urged to write in and share their stories.

By Pat Kobor

Pat Kobor of the American Psychological Association’s Science Government Relations Office represented APA in a sweeping coalition lobby day on Sept. 11, 2013, in opposition to sequestration, the automatic budget cuts that have reduced spending across the government. Authorized by the Budget Control Act (BCA) in 2011, sequestration was largely responsible for the approximately 6.9 percent reduction in U.S. research and development funds in fiscal year 2013. The BCA authorized ten years of budget cuts divided between defense and non-defense budgets. 

The Coalition for Health Funding, which sponsored the lobby day, is composed of 80 state and national organizations that advocate for strong, sustained funding for the public health continuum, including health research, services, workforce and surveillance. Participating organizations took to Twitter to talk about their advocacy using the hashtag #HealthonHill

The forces keeping sequestration in place have not changed in the past year. The House majority wants to see major cuts in entitlement spending and no additional taxes; the Senate majority is advocating the opposite. A "grand bargain" in which all sources of revenue and all spending are on the table seems unlikely at the moment, since the two chambers’ goals are so far apart. APA urges researchers to continue to share stories about how the sequestration is impacting their work. (Write to Pat Kobor).  

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