NIH’s Center for Scientific Review seeks early career reviewers

Early Career Reviewer program trains qualified scientists without prior experience to become effective reviewers.

The Center for Scientific Review, which manages the review of most grant applications at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has a popular program that exposes early career scientists to the ins and outs of grant review. The Early Career Reviewer (ECR) program was developed to train qualified scientists without prior experience to become effective reviewers and in so doing, to help advance their research careers. CSR is interested in training scientists from less research-intensive institutions as well as those from more traditional research universities. 

Scientists selected for the program will receive training from a scientific review officer, attend a study section meeting, be assigned two to four grants to review, participate in the discussion and vote on all applications. 

To qualify for the ECR Program, scientists must:

  • Be a full-time faculty member or researcher in a similar role. (Post-doctoral fellows are not eligible, but may become eligible following completion of their training).
  • Show evidence of an active independent program of research.
  • Have recent senior-authored research publications in peer-reviewed journals. 
  • Have not served on a CSR study section in a role other than a mail reviewer or ARRA reviewer.
Prior NIH funding is not a requirement.

Additional information, including instructions on applying, is available on the CSR website. 

For more information contact Pat Kobor.