PCORI issues research funding announcements for up to $206 million

Topics include obesity treatment and transitional care services.

Joe Selby, the executive director of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), wrote in a year-end blog post that 2013 was the institute’s "year of strategic investment." PCORI’s Board of Governors approved funding for 175 research studies across the institute’s five National Priorities for Research, totaling more than $350 million. PCORI also invested more than $100 million into building the data infrastructure for support of more efficient and representative patient-centered clinical outcomes research (CER). And the institute approved its Pipeline to Proposal awards, part of the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards initiative to support more active integration of patient, stakeholder and research communities into the research process. (Learn more about these awards in a recent blog post).

PCORI’s latest round of research funding opportunities, offering up to $206 million to support CER, includes:

  • The new Large Pragmatic Clinical Studies Initiative. PCORI will award up to $90 million to fund up to nine large, multi-year CER studies in the first of two such announcements the institute has planned this year. Priority topics that will be funded are based on the previous work of health care organizations and the input of PCORI’s multi-stakeholder advisory panels.  
  • Up to $20 million to fund up to two trials comparing obesity treatment options — such as dietary counseling, increased physical activity and behavioral therapy — in primary care settings. Because low-income, minority and rural individuals experience higher rates of obesity, this announcement focuses on how effectively these options help these underserved populations lose weight. 
  • Up to $15 million to fund a comprehensive study to determine which clusters of transitional care services work best at reducing preventable hospital readmissions and improving outcomes among at-risk patients, such as those with multiple chronic illnesses. The study will also determine which of these services are most effective in various healthcare settings and payment contexts. 
  • Up to $81 million for the spring 2014 cycle of funding under PCORI’s five broad National Priorities for Research. This includes $5 million, through the institute’s funding announcement on improving methods, for studies focused on the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS®) of the National Institutes of Health.   

The deadline for required letters of intent for many of these announcements is March 7, 2014. Applicants will be notified whether they are invited to submit full applications. Information on other key dates is included in each announcement.

PCORI is hosting informational town hall and training webinars for interested applicants in February and March. More information is available online. You can also learn about the application and review process in a blog post by the PCORI Science and Contracts Management teams, and read more about the initiatives in Selby’s new blog post.

For more information contact Christine Jamieson.