Second joint NIH council meeting draws together NIDA, NIAAA and NCI

Advisory councils meet to review progress of the Collaborative Research on Addictions at NIH initiative.

Several National Institutes of Health (NIH) Advisory Council meetings related to substance use, abuse and addiction were held back-to-back over two days during the first week of February. On Feb. 4, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) held its winter Advisory Council meeting (see NIDA director Nora Vokow’s report [PDF, 13.45MB]). 

On the following day NIH held the second joint meeting of three of its Advisory Councils: the councils for NIDA, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).The main purpose of this joint meeting was to receive updates on activities related to the Collaborative Research on Addictions at NIH (CRAN) initiative.  

The meeting opened with a repeat of Volkow’s report, followed by a report (PDF, 1.22MB) from the new NIAAA director, George Koob. Following laudatory remarks from NIH Director Francis Collins about both directors as well as the progress of CRAN, Marsha Lopez presented a summary of NIDA’s Marijuana Policy Research Program (PDF, 991KB), which is pursuing the thicket of scientific questions raised by evolving and discordant state and federal laws regarding the use of marijuana. Lorraine Gunzerath of NIAAA then described all of the proposed CRAN funding opportunities for 2014/2015 including training junior scientists on co-morbid substance use research, special foci on adolescent treatment, novel behavioral targets and pragmatic substance use treatment interventions. A full transcripit of the meeting is available online (PDF, 302KB).

Following the joint councils meeting, Koob officially opened the winter meeting, and his first, of the NIAAA Advisory Council. Following Koob’s presentation of an expanded version of his director’s report, John Krystal provided a report of the Functional Integration Workgroup (PDF, 422KB). The final presentation of the day came from Christine Colvis, on the NIH-Industry Partnership for Therapeutics Development (PDF, 12.54MB).

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