Judicial Ambassadors: An Outreach Program

Our Mission

Our mission is to build and maintain effective relationships between the psychological and judicial communities.

Our Ambassadors

Psychologists with scientific expertise relevant to legal issues.

Our Goals

  • Enhance the relevance of psychological research on and for the courts; 
  • Increase the visibility and use of sound psychological research among the courts; 

  • Facilitate the application of psychological theories and models in court related research; 

  • Increase psychologists' understanding of court operations and practices; and 

  • Work with court officials to establish collaborative research and continuing education programs.

Our Methods

The outreach program seeks to bring psychologists and court professionals together in a variety of forums (advisory committees, educational programs, technical assistance projects) to facilitate communication about psychology and law.  

Our Offer

The Judicial Ambassadors Program has a modest amount of funding to make available experts to interested judicial organizations. For example, interested organizations (e.g., organizations of state and federal courts, professional judicial organizations) may request an expert to provide a workshop on either timely topics (e.g., death penalty, accuracy of eyewitness testimony) or more traditional topics (the application of Daubert to psychological evidence). Other ideas that make use of judicial ambassadors for educational purposes are welcome.