Report of the APA Task Force on the Implementation of the Multicultural Guidelines


Psychology has traditionally been defined by and based upon Anglo Western middle class, Eurocentric perspectives and assumptions. The traditional approaches to psychological research, education and practice have not always considered the influence and impact of culture, race and ethnicity, and their roles in psychological theory, research, and therapy have largely gone unexplored. There has been a growing need to develop a deeper knowledge and awareness of race and ethnicity in psychology and to integrate race and ethnicity into the practice, research, education and ethics of psychology. The Multicultural Guidelines was developed as a result of this need; the guidelines are based on the core assumptions of multiculturalism that call for viewing the individual holistically and within social, cultural and historical contexts.

The specific goals of these guidelines are to provide psychologists with: 

  • The rationale and needs for addressing multiculturalism and diversity in education, training, research, practice and organizational change. 

  • Basic information, relevant terminology, current empirical research from psychology and related disciplines, and other data that support the proposed guidelines and underscore their importance.

  • References to enhance ongoing education, training, research, practice and organizational change methodologies. 

  • Paradigms that broaden the purview of psychology as a profession.