Psychologists in Action

Protecting the Planet

Jackie OgdenDr. Jackie Ogden, Experimental Psychologist
Ogden uses psychological science to analyze ways that Disney’s environmental exhibits, programs and shows educate audiences about conservation and wildlife.


Experimental Experimental Psychology
Experimental psychologists use empirical research methods to explore and better understand behavior in humans and animals.


Pursuing a Career in Experimental Psychology Pursuing a Career in Experimental Psychology
Experimental psychologists use scientific methods to collect data and perform research. They can work in varied settings, including universities, research centers, the government and private businesses.

Working in Schools
Serving Communities
Psychological Science in the News
Kids' perception of parents' favoritism counts more than reality

In study of 282 teen sibling pairs, those who thought themselves less favored were more likely to smoke, drink and take drugs.

Religious or not, we all misbehave

Study of 1,252 finds religious and nonreligious people equally likely to commit immoral acts.

Psychology: Science in Action educates the public about how the science and application of psychology benefit society and improve lives. It shows the breadth and depth of psychology and the varied settings in which psychologists work, including research, education, clinical and organizational settings.