Psychologists in Action

Working in Schools

mandinachDr. Ellen Mandinach, Educational Psychologist
Mandinach knows people learn in different ways. That’s why she’s applying psychological science to study how classroom settings can work for everyone.


teaching-education-indexThe Psychology of Teaching and Learning
Psychologists working in the field of education study how people learn and retain knowledge. They apply psychological science to improve the learning process and promote educational success for all students.

teaching-learning-indexPursuing a Career in Educational Psychology
The psychology of teaching and learning helps us understand the social, emotional and cognitive processes that constitute learning throughout the lifespan.

Protecting the Planet
Serving Communities
Psychological Science in the News
People who feel they have a purpose in life live longer

Study of more than 6,000 shows that those with a greater sense of purpose were 15 percent less likely to die early than those who were less optimistic.

Talkative commuters are happier commuters, experiments show

Commuters who converse with strangers report increased enjoyment over those who stay silent.

Psychology: Science in Action educates the public about how the science and application of psychology benefit society and improve lives. It shows the breadth and depth of psychology and the varied settings in which psychologists work, including research, education, clinical and organizational settings.