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Craig HaneyDr. Craig Haney, Social Psychologist
Haney studies the use and impact of solitary confinement on inmates in super-maximum security, or “supermax,” prisons.


Social Psychology Social Psychology
Social psychologists are interested in all aspects of personality and social interaction, exploring the influence of interpersonal, intergroup and intragroup relationships on human behavior.

Social Pursuing a Career in Social Psychology
Social psychology is the study of how individuals affect and are affected by other people and by their social and physical environments. The work of social psychologists allows us to have a better grasp of how group dynamics influence our choices and actions and provides insight into how our social perceptions affect our interactions with other people.

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'Perfectionism' among key risks in suicide

Research article documents link between perfectionism, feelings of hopelessness and suicide.

Study: Video blinds us to the evidence

Repeated viewings of videotaped altercations indicate viewers judge a person they don't identify with more harshly.

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