APAGS Election Information

The APAGS Committee

The APAGS Committee serves as an advisory committee composed of nine elected officers. Five appointed subcommittee chairs work closely with the APAGS Committee by participating in the business meetings and discussions of the committee. As an advisory group, the APAGS Committee offers comments on APA policies and procedures, and provides recommendations to APAGS Central Office regarding activities, initiatives and select areas of the budget.

The nine elected APAGS officers include a chair, past-chair and chair-elect, as well as six members-at-large representing practice, research/academics, education/training, communications, diversity and membership recruitment/retention. The APAGS' subcommittees include the Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity (CARED), the Advocacy Coordinating Team (ACT), the Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns (CLGBTC), the Convention Committee and the Science Committee.

Time commitment and responsibilities

Members of the APAGS Committee and appointed subcommittee chairs are required to attend the fall and spring Consolidated Business meetings during their term (held in the Washington, D.C. area). Members must be willing to dedicate the necessary time to sufficiently prepare for these meetings and provide follow-up. Members are also expected to liaise to other boards and committees as assigned, submit monthly reports related to activities within their position, participate on frequent (often monthly) conference calls and communicate regularly over a closed committee email list. Committee members are expected to spearhead projects and plans related to their position, as approved by the APAGS Committee and as assigned by the APAGS committee chair. They are accountable throughout the year for making progress and for meeting goals.

All applicants should consult with an advisor/faculty mentor to confirm their support and willingness to allow time away to attend meetings and meet your obligations to APAGS. This support should be explicitly addressed within the recommendation letter from your department chair.

Things to consider

As a continuing committee of APA, participation in APAGS leadership is voluntary. Those elected/appointed to APAGS positions must be willing to dedicate a significant amount of time to this service-oriented role. Students wishing to apply for a position on the committee should consider the personal commitment involved. Think about where you will be in your academic career during the term you intend to serve. Will future responsibilities impede your ability to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to serve effectively? Will this commitment, coupled with additional stressors (e.g. internship, dissertation), allow you to maintain an appropriate balance between your personal and professional life? While participation on the APAGS Committee is a fantastic professional development experience, we recognize the demands of graduate school and ask that students carefully consider the level of commitment required prior to application.