CARED History

The APAGS Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity (CARED) began as the APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) in 1992 to represent and advocate for the perspectives and concerns of racially and ethnically diverse graduate students within the discipline of psychology. 

Since its inception, we have accomplished our mission in several ways. In 1996, we organized events that benefitted multiculturalism in psychology and promoted the establishment of regional networks of students of color. A grant program for regional events was later established. We revised and distributed the APAGS Survival Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students in 2010. 

We are committed to ensuring that the specific interests and needs of racially and ethnically diverse minority graduate students of psychology are given a voice within the American Psychological Association. Over the years, we have developed climate surveys, peer-mentoring programs, workshops for peer and professional speed-mentoring at convention, online webinars and virtual happy hours for professional development, grants, discussion forums and much more. 

Most recently, in May 2014, APAGS-CEMA changed its name to APAGS-CARED to reflect shifting demographics, a trend away from the term "minority" and the increasing significance of advancing diversity in psychology education and training.