CEMA History

The APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA) was established in 1992 to represent and advocate for the perspectives and concerns of ethnic minority graduate students within the discipline of psychology.  Since its inception, APAGS-CEMA has accomplished its mission in several ways.  In 1996, CEMA launched a grant program for student-organized events that benefit multiculturalism in psychology and promote the establishment of regional networks of students of color.  To further its outreach to ethnic minority graduate students of psychology, APAGS-CEMA created and distributed the APAGS Survival Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students in 2000.  This publication is undergoing a facelift in 2008-2009.

APAGS-CEMA conducted an online student survey in 2004, aimed at assessing students' overall satisfaction with the level of multicultural training offered throughout graduate level curriculum.  The results of this survey were compiled and presented at various meetings and conferences, including the 2006 APA Annual Convention in New Orleans, La.

As a result of the responses to the CEMA Survey, APAGS-CEMA launched its Peer Mentoring Program in 2005, which paired first and second year ethnic minority graduate students with upper level ethnic minority students.  This program continues to serve ethnic minority graduate students in psychology today!

APAGS-CEMA is committed to ensuring that the specific interests and needs of ethnic minority graduate students of psychology are given a voice within the large domain of the American Psychological Association.