APAGS Committee for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Diversity Strategic Plan 2012-2016

Promote access to mentoring for racial/ethnic minority graduate students. 

  • Research and highlight opportunities for students to receive/give mentoring. 

  • Facilitate student access to mentoring programs. 

  • Provide virtual happy hours. 

  • Provide video lectures on ethnic minority issues; feature experts offering tips for graduate. students. 

  • Collaborate with other groups to develop a “preparing future faculty” training initiative specific to ethnic minorities.

Cultivate partnerships to expand resources for racial/ethnic minority students.

  • Serve as an entry point, collaborator, or resource to external groups. 

  • Establish contact with student leaders and faculty mentors from different associations, offices, divisions and other groups.  

  • Foster relationships with groups by attending their respective conferences.

Promote the recruitment, retention, and graduation of psychology graduate students from diverse backgrounds.

  • Provide venues for students to share strategies for success and learn more about existing resources for ethnic minority graduate students. 

  • Market and disseminate the Resource Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students

  • Work with APAGS Advocacy Coordinating Team to recruit ethnic minority Campus Representatives and State Advocacy Coordinators. 

  • Work with APAGS member at large-membership to identify strategies for recruiting ethnic minority students into leadership pipelines. 

  • Review applications for APAGS-CARED training grants for recruitment and retention of ethnic minority graduate students. 

  • Manage APAEMGS listserv as a resource for graduate students to communicate and share important resources. 

  • Disseminate information about the Minority Fellowship Program to graduate students.

Increase access to diversity training and education with an emphasis on social justice.

  • Increase awareness and create opportunities for dialogues to address student training and education. 

  • Provide webinars and pre-recorded video lectures on diversity and social justice-related topics. 

  • Continue to gauge student needs for training and support. 

  • Model efforts for the APAGS Committee toward competence around issues of diversity.

Advocate for our diverse constituency.

  • Advocate for the Minority Fellowship Program. 

  • Collaborate with government relations office to provide skill-based training in advocacy. 

  • Disseminate information about advocacy to educate APAGS members, including action alerts. 

  • Advocate within APA on policies related to ethnic minorities.