APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs

Mission Statement

APAGS-CEMA exists to promote a psychology pipeline that is representative of the nation's ethnic diversity and foster culturally relevant and adaptive science and practice in psychology.

We aspire for a field in which all ethnic minority graduate students are empowered throughout each professional developmental stage and all psychology graduate students value and demonstrate cultural competency.

  • Consideration of the experiences of racial and ethnic minority individuals in each aspect of psychology graduate training.
  • Social justice in graduate training.
  • Race and ethnicity in human functioning and development.
  • The intersections of race and ethnicity with other dimensions of identity.
  • Empowerment of every racial and ethnic minority graduate student to have voice and agency.

APAGS Resource Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate Students

APAGS Resource Guide for Ethnic Minority Graduate StudentsThis resource guide has a new look and new chapters on self-care, research and publishing tips, professional development and so much more. In August 2012, the guide was made available online for all graduate students to download.

Grants and Awards

APAGS-CEMA awards several grants each year for projects that recruit, retain and/or enhance the training of ethnic minority graduate psychology students.

APAGS-CEMA also developed the Kenneth and Mamie Clark Award for outstanding contribution to the professional development of ethnic minority graduate students.

Join our Discussion Group

We invite all APAGS members to contribute to the APAEMGS email group, where broad discussions and announcements around ethnic diversity in graduate school take place in a supportive environment. Send an email to the Listserv® with a blank subject. In the body, write "SUBSCRIBE APAEMGS <firstname> <lastname>". Read details and Listserv policies.

Training Video Collection

We curate short training videos on topics that frequently arise for psychology students related to diversity and cultural competency. These videos offer expert lectures, webinars and multimedia pieces to help learners increase their competencies related to race, ethnicity, culture and other topics.

Webinars and Virtual Happy Hours

The purpose of these events is to utilize technology to provide mentoring to ethnic minority graduate students in order to facilitate their development and advancement. They also serve to promote cultural competency among all graduate students by providing up-to-date information regarding cultural issues. Webinar series will include prominent individuals in psychology discussing emerging topics in the field. Virtual Happy Hours will consist of an informal mentoring session for students. Past and/or upcoming events include:

APAGS members can join the APAEMGS listserv for information about upcoming events. If you are interested in hosting a webinar or virtual happy hour, please send your request to APAGS.


  • Chair: Jasmin Llamas (2012-2014)
    University of California, Santa Barbara, Calif.

  • Emma-Lorraine B. Bart-Plange (2013-2015)
    Loyola University Chicago, Ill.

  • Amy B. Berman (2013-2015)
    Tennessee State University, Tenn.

  • Brittney Cofield-Poole (2012-2014)
    North Carolina State University, N.C.

  • Jeffrey Proulx (2012-2014)
    Oregon State University, Ore.

  • Andrew Tesoro (2012-2014)
    University of Arizona, Ariz.

  • David G. Zelaya (2013-2015)
    Georgia State University, Ga.