Peer Support for Individual Concerns

Our chair welcomes students to write with their individual concerns about graduate school life as an LGBTQ student or ally and receive a private response from peers:

Hi, my name is Jennifer Vencill and I am the current chair of the APAGS Committee on LGBT Concerns. If you would like to email me, you may do so. Upon receiving your email, I will answer it directly or forward it along to another member of this committee for their response, generally within one week. We strive to offer peer advice to students who are LGBTQ or who are working with clients or conducting research in gender and sexual minority areas. We can also work to identify LGBTQ resources in a student's locale for further support. Thank you! — Jennifer

Please note that this service does not intend to offer therapy, teaching or supervision. Our mentoring program is a great option for students who can make a yearlong commitment. We cannot assist in emergencies, and we cannot change any specific circumstances at an academic institution or clinical setting. Your email exchange assumes an acknowledgement of this information.