APAGS Committee on LGBT Concerns Strategic Plan 2013-2015


We will increase advocacy efforts to promote social justice, competency in LGBT issues in graduate training, as well as in local and national legislative policy.
  • Use member information to inform ways that we advocate for our diverse membership. 

  • Keep members abreast of developing LGBT-related concerns in education and training Advocate for APA’s federal legislative agenda on LGBT issues.

  • Advocate for inclusion of LGBT-affirming content and experiential opportunities in graduate training. 

  • Ensure that more students are trained basic advocacy skills.


We will collaborate with other groups inside and outside of APA to strive to represent the intersectional identities and concerns of all psychology graduate students.
  • Form strategic partnerships with APAGS-CEMA and APAGS-ACT. 

  • Form a strategic partnership with APA-CLGBTC. 

  • Form a strategic partnership with Division 44. 

  • Regularly share APA organization-wide resources with members.


We will assess the needs of LGBT students and provide further opportunities for dialogue and communication.
  • Improve knowledge and awareness of our LGBT student membership needs, especially those who are members of multiple marginalized groups. 

  • Reduce the gap between existing and needed resources for LGBT members. 

  • Open new platforms for dialogue between committee and members. 

  • Increase subscribers and conversations on APAGSLGBT listserv®.


We will facilitate the support and well-being of LGBT psychology graduate students by promoting effective mentorship, more inclusive campus climates and greater opportunity for community connections.
  • Preserve and streamline our annual LGBT mentoring program with a goal of helping LGBT students navigate identity and interests during training. 

  • Provide direct psychosocial support to LGBT students on an as-needed basis related to negotiating challenging situations. 

  • Assist students in finding occasional and informal mentoring outside of our mentoring program. 

  • Foster a strong community for LGBT students and allies.

Education and Training

We will champion competence in diversity in all aspects of graduate training with an emphasis on sexual orientation and gender identity issues.
  • Improve cultural competency by increasing access to training opportunities on LGBT, Q, A and privilege issues for all graduate students. 

  • Disseminate materials and research to support LGBT students and allies. 

  • Increase live professional development opportunities for LGBT students and allies at APA convention and elsewhere. 

  • Promote access to various leadership pipelines for graduate students.