APA/Division 39 Grant

$4,000 to support efforts in education, research and service that advance and encourage the field of psychoanalysis. 

Sponsors: APF; Division 39


An important goal of this grant is to focus is on increasing the public awareness of the benefits of psychoanalytic principles and treatments and on the value of applying psychoanalytic thought to organizational and social problems. 

There will be one $4,000 grant annually.

  • Applicant needs to have a demonstrated knowledge of psychoanalytic principles.
  • Applicant may be, but is not required to be, a practicing psychoanalytic therapist.
  • Preference will be given to early career professionals and/or those who demonstrate long-term interest in communicating to the public the value of psychoanalytic principles and/or treatment.
How to Apply

Please check back in spring 2015 for more application details.

Past Recipients

Anne Dailey