Donate Gifts of Stock to APF

Donors can support psychology by making a contribution of long-term appreciated securities. Such gifts often provide special tax savings to the donor. In addition to receiving a tax deduction for the gift, the current value of the securities can be deducted regardless of how much they have appreciated, and the donor does not have to pay any capital gains tax on the profit.

The easiest way to make a stock contribution to APF is to transfer stock using the DTC System. To do this, you must write a letter to your custodian/brokerage firm requesting that "X" number of shares be transferred from your account to APF by way of the DTC system. Your broker must include their DTC number along with the request.

Please make sure to notify APF of your gift (stock and number of shares) PRIOR to the transfer being made so that we can set up receipt of your gift.

The shares should be transferred to the following account:

Agent Bank: Citi / First State Trust
Agent Bank DTC #: 0908
ID Agent Account #: 204969
FFC Account # 70000317
FBO: American Psychological Foundation