Grantee spotlight: launching careers

Using psychology to improve public health.

In 2008, Jody Nicholson, PhD, received an Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowship to complete her dissertation on strategies to lower lead exposure in low income children. “As a junior researcher, I knew my study was empirically and theoretically sound, but getting this affirmation of its utility from an outside, prestigious agency helped me fully recognize how I could base my career on this research program. In essence, APF was investing in me, and I needed to be sure they saw a return on their investment. The combination of this validation and responsibility continues to fuel my research.”

Nicholson is widely recognized for her research and is now working on a follow-up study based on her dissertation findings in which she hopes to find an effective way to educate parents on lead risk and prevention tactics. Her important work is saving lives and demonstrates the significant role psychology can play in solving public health problems.