Psychology Giving: Past Issues

  • April 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: APF sends high school students to Yale, neuropsychology scholarships, violence intervention therapy, aftermath of disaster and coping with discrimination.

  • November 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: APF and Pearson address social problems, APF promotes LGBT understanding, and APA honors Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman.

  • April 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: new travel scholarships, postdisaster research and changing attitudes about disabilities.

  • August 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: pregnancy, miscarriage, postpartum depression, and integrating behavioral services into primary health care practice.

  • January 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: understanding and eliminating prejudice and the stigma of mental illness, hate crime prevention, and domestic violence.

  • July 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: LGB family psychology, gift for public policy research, anxiety disorder research and an APF International Fund.

  • January 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: sexual assault prevention programs, understanding the human mind and funding neuropsychology research.

  • September 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: grants for population research, schizophrenia search, LGB family dynamics and diet.

  • July 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: research on childhood injuries, serious mental illness, healthy organizations and outstanding teaching.

  • January 2006[PDF]

    In this issue: research on gifted and talented children and adolescents, coping with chronic pain, LGB research and talented scholars.

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