2013 Roster — Committee on Early Career Psychologists

The Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) represents the unique interests and concerns of psychologists in the first seven years of their careers through advocacy and developing resources.

Staff Liaisons


  • Chair: Ayse Ciftci, PhD (2011-2013)
    Education and Training Representative

  • Angela Kuemmel, PhD (2013-2015)
    Public Interest Representative

  • Kyle Gobrogge, PhD (2012-2014)
    Science Representative

  • Shawn M. McClintock, PhD, MSCS (2012-2014)
    Governance & Membership Outreach Representative

  • Katharine J. Hahn, PhD (2012-2014)
    APA Divisions Representative  

  • Aaron A. Harris, PhD (2013-2015)
    Practice Representative

  • Sarah Morsbach Honaker, PhD, CBSM (2011-2013)
    State, Provincial and Territorial Representative

2013 Board of Directors Liaison

Elena J. Eisman, PhD