Committee on Early Career PsychologistsAPA has established a Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) who represent the unique interests and concerns of psychologists in the first ten years of their careers. CECP supports the needs of early career psychologists within and outside of APA through advocacy and developing resources for early career psychologists. 

Mission Statement

CECP represents the unique interests and concerns of early career psychologists. The mission of CECP is to advance psychology by maximizing the engagement, utilization, voice and development of early career psychologists.

Strategic Goals
  • Strategic Goal 1: To increase early career psychologist engagement 
  • Strategic Goal 2: To utilize the early career psychologist’s talent 
  • Strategic Goal 3: To give voice and increase early career psychologist representation in APA governing and advisory bodies 
  • Strategic Goal 4: To support professional and personal development of early career psychologist members

CECP Membership

The committee consists of seven members representing different constituencies within psychology. They would like to hear ideas you have, issues you would like addressed, and any comments you would like to make. You can reach the committee by sending an email.

Annual Reports