112: Restoring Intimacy After an Affair---An Integrative Approach

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August 06, 2015
8 a.m - 3:50 p.m.
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This intermediate workshop presents an integrative approach to treating affair couples. The workshop is for therapists already skilled in fundamental techniques of couple therapy, but who want conceptual and specific clinical skills to work with this population. The treatment integrates cognitive-behavioral with insight-oriented or developmental techniques within an ecosystemic perspective and helps couples through three stages of: (a) managing initial impact and preventing further damage, (b) exploring potential contributing causes and finding meaning, and (c) reaching informed decisions about how to move forward—either together or apart.
Learning Objectives
1. Conceptualize couples’ recovery from an affair from a trauma perspective.
2. Contain relationship turmoil and conflict accompanying discovery or disclosure of an affair.
3. Facilitate partners’ emotional regulation, self-care, and interactions with significant others--including children and family--following an affair.
4. Systematically explore individual, relational, and situational factors potentially contributing to the affair.
5. Promote partners' development of a shared comprehensive model articulating risk factors contributing to an affair and steps toward remediation.
6. Promote forgiveness in couples following an affair.
7. Assist couples in reaching an informed decision about how to move forward following an affair.
Douglas K. Snyder, PhD, Texas A&M University
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