125: Disciplinary Supervision---Helping Colleagues Recover Following an Ethics Complaint

August 08, 2014
Time & Place
8 a.m.-11:50 a.m.
CE Credits
Enrollment Limit
Psychologists who have been found in violation of an ethical standard, rule, or law pertaining to practice may be required to participate in supervision as a condition of returning to practice. This advanced workshop will help those who want to provide such disciplinary supervision to acquire specialized knowledge and skills needed to do so ethically and effectively. Informed consent, confidentiality, multiple relationships, competence and record keeping will be discussed. Case presentations and film vignettes will be used to illustrate the application of concepts.
Learning Objectives
1. Apply theoretical concepts from general clinical supervision literature to designing and implementing a plan for the supervision of a clinician who is continuing or resuming practice following an ethics complaint.
2. Assess supervisees' understanding of their errors, level of insight about contributing factors, ability to generalize learning, and capacity for continuing to practice with reasonable skill and safety.
3. Identify the unique challenges inherent in disciplinary supervision related to five ethical issues (informed consent, multiple relationships, record keeping, confidentiality, and competency), and describe preventative strategies for mitigating related problems.
4. Apply theoretical concepts, skill assessment methods, and strategies for preventing and addressing ethical challenges in disciplinary supervision to novel supervisory cases.
Janet T. Thomas, PsyD, Independent Practice, Saint Paul, Minn.

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