129: The Transdiagnostic Roadmap---Individualizing Treatment by Targeting Psychological Mechanisms

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August 07, 2015
8 a.m - 3:50 p.m.
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This intermediate workshop presents a cutting-edge model of designing treatment plans that target specific mechanisms underlying psychological problems. The literature supporting current trends toward a transdiagnostic perspective is reviewed and synthesized into a practical tool composed of two overarching categories: those that contribute to patient vulnerabilities for psychological disorders and those that maintain problems. Experiential exercises, video demonstrations, and role plays will guide participants in learning how to identify mechanisms with clients, develop case formulations and treatment plans, and choose interventions that map to mechanisms and therapy goals.
Learning Objectives
1. List and describe four types of vulnerability mechanisms and five types of response mechanisms to consider when developing transdiagnostic case formulations for psychological problems.
2. Describe four methods of developing transdiagnostic mechanism hypotheses with your patients to explain their presenting problems.
3. Describe and utilize two different methods for breaking down specific examples of problems into situational, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physiological components to develop hypotheses about vulnerability and response mechanisms.
4. Develop a transdiagnostic mechanism-based case formulations for a patient.
5. Develop and prioritize treatment goals that target transdiagnostic mechanism changes to reduce or resolve symptoms and enhance client functioning.
6. Utilize a functionally based categorization system of interventions to develop individualized treatment plans that target specific transdiagnostic mechanisms.
7. Assess patient progress toward therapy goals and adjust course to increase effectiveness of interventions and achievement of those goals.
Rochelle I. Frank, PhD, Independent Practice, Oakland, Calif.; Joan Davidson, PhD, San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy, Oakland, Calif.
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