148: Testing Accommodations for People With Disabilities---Research-Based Practice

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August 08, 2015
8 a.m.-3:50 p.m.
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People with disabilities are often given tests with modified administration conditions (e.g., additional time, a private testing location). Psychologists are often asked to make recommendations regarding accommodations on tests in a variety of contexts (e.g., classroom tests, admissions tests, certification tests). In this intermediate workshop, participants learn the legal framework for determining eligibility for accommodations as well as research-based principles for making accommodations recommendations for children and adults with various disabilities. Examples focus on disabilities that psychologists diagnose (learning, cognitive, and psychiatric disabilities).
Learning Objectives
1. Describe the eligibility standards for accommodations provided in the Americans With Disabilities Act and special education law.
2. Explain the methods and results of recent empirical studies on the efficacy and appropriateness of common testing accommodations.
3. Apply a general model for accommodations decisions to hypothetical requests for accommodations.
4. Prepare accommodation recommendations that meet legal standards for appropriateness and are informed by empirical research.
5. Select diagnostic assessment tools that provide useful information about a client’s accommodation needs.
6. Evaluate current controversies in the provision of testing accommodations, making reference to relevant research where appropriate.
7. Describe accommodations-related issues that need more research before we can offer clear conclusions.
Lawrence J. Lewandowski, PhD, Syracuse University; Benjamin J. Lovett, PhD, SUNY Cortland
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