153: Evidence-Based Applied Sport Psychology

August 09, 2014
Time & Place
8 a.m.-3:50 p.m.
CE Credits
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This introductory workshop presents the field of applied sport psychology to practitioners. the workshop presents a validated evidence-based athlete assessment and intervention protocol based on multidisciplinary research spanning a number of subdomains (and topics) in psychology. These topics include neuropsychology, applied neuroscience, psychophysiology, assessment and advanced ecological research methods. Systematic approaches to athlete assessment, individual differences-based intervention and intervention efficacy testing methodologies will be presented. Professional issues relating to board certification and the integration of sport psychology into the practice will be addressed.
Learning Objectives
1. Comprehend critical issues in applied sport psychology that are crucial to evidence-based practice and, ultimately, the implementation of best practices in the interest of athlete clients.
2. Comprehend conceptual rationale for engaging in a step-by-step, hierarchical evidence-based athlete assessment and intervention protocol that emphasizes ecological validity and strong accountability.
3. Carry out a validated athlete intake/assessment protocol that generates mind-body response tendencies.
4. Interpret initial intake test results, prepare a report, convey findings and limitations of initial data to athlete clients prior to engaging in ecologically based in vivo testing.
5. Apply interventions/mental training and crucial personality and behavioral measures that impact intervention amenability and compliance along with methodological approaches to intervention efficacy testing.
6. Carry out athlete's profile-specific intervention modalities ranging from heart rate deceleration biofeedback to on-the-playing field manipulation of affect and attention.
7. Apply conceptual, methodological, and accountability procedures using the case-study method and actual longitudinally generated athlete data (how to report findings to athletes).
Roland A. Carlstedt, PhD, American Board of Sport Psychology, New York City, NY; Richard Temple, PhD, Mind for Sports, Austin, TX

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