DWS001: Distinguished Workshop Series—Managing Risk in Everyday Practice: The Ethics of Being a Psychologist in the Real World

August 08, 2014
Time & Place
6 p.m.-8:50 p.m.
CE Credits
Enrollment Limit
Most licensed psychologists are required to take continuing education on the topic of ethics. But wouldn’t it be nice to go beyond just reviewing basic concepts you learned back in graduate school and when you were studying for your licensing exams? In this intermediate workshop, the presenter takes those somewhat sterile academic concepts and applies them to everyday practice of psychology. The presenter will discuss key elements of risk management you can implement in your next clinical hour. During the workshop, be prepared to think on your feet and discuss some tough, real life situations with your colleagues by submitting questions and comments online or in-person.
Learning Objectives
1. Review models of ethical reasoning.
2. Reflect upon APA Principles & Standards.
3. Discuss fundamentals of ethical practice.
4. Apply models of ethical reasoning, ethical codes and laws/regulations to their practice of psychology.
Michael C. Heitt, PsyD, Independent Practice, Pikesville, Md.  Dr. Michael Heitt is a licensed psychologist in private practice. The primary focus of his clinical and consultative activities centers on working with physicians, executives and other professionals who are dealing with personal and occupational challenges. He is also a psychological consultant to small and mid-size companies on a variety of workplace and organizational issues. Dr. Heitt has presented internationally on topics ranging from workplace violence and professional impairment to human resources and personnel development, as well as topics such as psychological ethics, disaster psychiatry, and clinical assessment. He is a former chair and member of the Maryland Psychological Association (MPA) Ethics Committee and is currently the chair of the MPA Colleague Assistance Program. Dr. Heitt is on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University, Maryland. Additionally, he is the instructor for the Maryland State Jurisprudence Licensure Exam preparatory course offered by MPA.

Enrollments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Advance: April 15-June 30, 2014

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Regular: July 1-Aug. 5, 2014

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On-site: Aug. 6-10, 2014

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