Tips to Help Exhibitors Go Green

Go Green

  • Use recycled or consumable products as giveaways.

  • Do not have gift items made from endangered or threatened species.

  • Use soy-based ink and recycled paper to produce materials.

  • Avoid bringing large quantities of collateral materials — send them on request.

  • Purchase supplies that have minimal packaging.

  • Use displays made from sustainable or reusable materials or designed in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Recycle cardboard, freight boxes and plastic wrappings.

  • Incorporate indoor air quality principles into displays.

  • Find out if the organizers have a collection system for leftover food or flowers for the homeless or hospitals.

  • Ensure you use recycling bins when they are provided.

  • Use electronic scanners to obtain attendee profiles.

  • Encourage your display builder to incorporate their own responsible policies when building your display.

Source: IMEX