Canvassing, exhibiting, or distributing advertising matter outside the designated exhibit area is prohibited. Soliciting or demonstrating by an exhibitor must be confined to the exhibitor's own booth. Distribution of the exhibitor's printed advertisements must be done within the exhibitor's own space. Persons who are not exhibitors are prohibited from any detailing, exhibiting, or soliciting within the convention hotels. No exhibits, displays, or advertising material of any kind will be allowed in the convention hotel rooms or hallways unless approved by the Director, Convention and Meeting Services. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in dismissal from the exhibit hall.

Aisles in front of the booths must be kept clear. Enough space must be allocated within each exhibit booth for attendees to browse or watch product demonstrations. Any activity that causes attendees to congregate in the aisle or in adjacent exhibit booths will be curtailed or eliminated.

Sale of Merchandise

Order taking by exhibitors accepting checks or credit cards is permitted, provided that all transactions are conducted in a manner consistent with the scholarly and professional nature of the meeting. Cash transactions are discouraged.

Duties and Taxes/Canada Customs

Exhibition goods shipped to a meeting or convention recognized by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) can enter Canada temporarily, for display purposes, duty, and tax free.  Goods imported for sale are subject to applicable duties and 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) on the value of the goods.  Promotional items imported to be handed out free of charge at a recognized event are free from duties and taxes, provided the individual value of each item does not exceed $25.00 CDN.

Logos and Images

Exhibitors are not allowed to use the APA logo and APA Convention art in any public or private promotional materials. In addition, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) logo may not be used in any public or private promotional materials, without written consent. MTCC maintains a library of images for promotional and marketing materials. Use of these photos is permitted only upon agreement to credit both the photographer and MTCC.


The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) has exclusive food and beverage rights within the Convention Centre. All food and beverage items must be supplied and prepared by the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Catering Department. This includes bottled water. MTCC’s Food & Beverage Department welcomes your questions about their services, including special requests and custom menus. Please contact any member of MTCC’s Catering Department at (416) 585-8144 or e-mail.

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons and helium tanks are prohibited in the APA exhibit hall.

Glitter, Confetti, Stickers, and Decals

Glitter, confetti, stickers or decals may not be used in connection with any exhibit in the APA exhibit hall, or used for any purpose within the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


Objectionable sound devices may not be operated. Engines or any other kind of equipment may be operated only with the consent of the Director, Convention and Meeting Services. Exhibitors should be considerate of neighboring exhibitors when operating any sound system.

Fire Regulations

All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, acoustical materials, plastic cloth, or similar decorative materials used in exhibit construction must be flame retardant and must meet current fire regulations. All table coverings, fabric walls, paper, or any decorative material must be flame-retardant to the satisfaction of the Toronto Fire Department. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre rigorously enforces this regulation, and may field flame test any questionable materials. Helium tanks are also prohibited.

Literature on display shall be limited to reasonable quantities (a one day supply). Reserve supplies shall be kept in closed containers and stored in a neat and compact manner free and clear of electrical cables or junction boxes. Storage of any kind is prohibited behind back drapes, display walls, or inside the display area. All cartons, crates, containers, packing materials, etc. which are necessary for repacking will need to be tagged with an "Empty" sticker for removal from the show floor. Information concerning accessible storage onsite will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kits available in May.

Destruction of Property

All property destroyed or damaged by an exhibitor must be replaced in the original condition by the exhibitor or at the exhibitor's expense. Nothing may be taped, nailed, tacked, or otherwise affixed to ceilings, painted surfaces, fire sprinklers, columns, fabric, or decorative walls.

Subletting Space

Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or apportion all or any part of the space allotted to them. Any materials other than those manufactured or distributed by the exhibitor in the regular course of business may not be exhibited by the exhibitor or be allowed by the exhibitor to be exhibited by other persons or firms without the written consent of the Director, Convention and Meeting Services.