Summary of findings from a 2014 exhibit hall survey:

  • 78 percent visited the exhibit hall to browse the exhibits between sessions.
  • 26.9 percent attended or presented a poster session.
  • 18.8 percent wanted to see a particular exhibitor.
  • 43.4 percent planned to visit the exhibit hall two to three times during the APA convention.
  • 35.1 percent indicated they spent one to two hours in the exhibit hall per visit.
  • 28.9 percent researched exhibitors in advance of the meeting.
  • Of those that researched exhibitors prior the meeting, 69.7 percent used the APA Convention Mobile App; and 39.1 percent used the Convention Program.
  • 84.1 percent of attendees gathered information while in the exhibit hall.
  • 32.9 percent purchased products.

Source: 2014 APA Exhibit Hall Survey, APA Exhibit Sales Office