Hotel Reservation Policy

Hotel signAPA recognizes that you have a number of options when securing hotel accommodations for the annual convention. We would like you to understand that APA has made a major commitment to the District of Columbia and to the hotel community in order to secure a large block of quality hotel rooms at competitive prices in convenient locations. APA is legally bound to fill these rooms. Not to do so has severe financial implications for APA and affects its negotiations and your costs for future conventions. If you require a hotel in Washington, D.C., we would appreciate it if you would review the list of APA hotels and reserve your room through the APA housing service, Experient.

ALERT! Hotels in Washington, D.C. are expecting to be filled with their usual summer groups and travelers this summer. APA advises you to make your hotel and travel arrangements early.

Hotel reservations should be made directly through APA’s housing service, Experient, by Internet, phone or mail.

In cooperation with APA, all of the APA hotels have set aside substantial blocks of rooms. These rooms for the convention are available only when reservations are made through Experient. To take advantage of the special APA room rates for the convention, be sure to book your reservations through Experient by July 14, 2014. After July 14, 2014, the official APA blocks will be released, and the hotels may charge significantly higher rates. To ensure having a room in an APA hotel, we strongly recommend that individuals obtain hotel reservations early.

During past conventions, the headquarters hotels have been filled by early May. It is anticipated that the headquarters hotels in Washington, D.C. will also be filled early. Housing requests received toward the end of the advance registration period have typically been assigned alternate housing.

Registrants should bear in mind that rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. All rates are per room night and are subject to a 14.5 percent tax. Bedding preferences and other special requests will be assigned by the hotels at check-in. If a hotel reservation form is used, there is no guarantee that persons will obtain a room in the specific hotel requested, in the type of room requested or at the rate requested. If accommodations are not available at one of the hotels of your choice, comparable reservations will be made at another contracted hotel. Reserve your hotel room online for immediate confirmation.

Please note that the availability of rooms for those arriving before Aug. 6, 2014 may be limited. Therefore, if you are attending preconvention activities, Experient will make every effort to accommodate your needs but cannot guarantee rooms for those with early arrival dates.