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    Journal: The Clinical Psychologist

    A quarterly publication of APA Division 12, The Society of Clinical Psychology. The Clinical Psychologist communicates timely and thought-provoking information in the broad domain of clinical psychology to members of the Division. You will need Adobe Acrobat (free) to view these journals.


    Journal: Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice

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    Behavioral Emergencies: An Evidence-Based Resource for Evaluating and Managing Suicidal Behavior, Violence, and Victimization
    Edited by Phillip M. Kleespies

    In virtually every mental health clinician's career, a situation arises that requires immediate response: A client or patient presents who is suicidal, potentially violent, and/or at risk of being victimized. In such a situation—considered a behavioral emergency—the clinician may have little or no time to consult resources before responding.

    In this book, Phillip M. Kleespies and his colleagues provide clinicians with critical, evidence-based approaches for the evaluation and management of behavioral emergencies. This book makes clear the distinction between a behavioral crisis, which is a serious disruption of functioning that does not necessarily imply danger, and a behavioral emergency. Guidance on behavioral emergencies is drawn from both clinical experience and empirical evidence, and the book's structure functions as a curriculum for educating both new and seasoned clinicians. Unique to this book are chapters on violence and suicide risk among adolescents, as well as individuals who are chronically ill. Contributors also discuss the legal and psychological risks associated with treating behavioral emergencies.

    Comprehensive in scope, this book provides a solid knowledge base that will be an invaluable resource for all clinicians.

    2009. 472 pages. Hardcover. List: $69.95 APA Member/Affiliate: $49.95
    ISBN 978-1-4338-0406-9 Item # 4317168.


    Advances in Psychotherapy: Evidence-Based Practice
    (Series Editor: Dr. Danny Wedding)

    A book series developed and edited in consultation with the Society for Clinical Psychology (APA Division 12), and published with Hogrefe, containing compact guidance on empirically supported treatments for the most common disorders seen in clinical practice. Four new books are published each year, authored by leading authorities in their field.

    The books are available for US $29.80 each. D12 members receive a $5 discount per book, and a discount of $10 per book if they sign up for a series standing order.



    Empirically Supported Treatment documents have been updated and are optimized for viewing online. Click to download a PDF document:

    Training in and dissemination of empirically validated treatments
    The initial report of the Chambless Task Force describing the development of criteria for empirically supported treatments and the first list of treatments reviewed by the TF that met these criteria.

    Manuals for empirically validated treatments
    A review by Sanderson and Woody of materials and resources available for training in empirically supported treatments. There is also a 1998 update of this list .

    An update on empirically validated treatments
    A second report from the Chambless Task Force describing additional thinking about the TF initiative and providing an expanded and re-organized list of treatments.

    Update on empirically validated therapies
    The final report from the Chambless Task Force with a third iteration of the treatment list that adds some areas previously underrepresented.

    Empirically Supported Treatments: 10 Years Later
    An article which reports on a 10-year follow-up to a 1993 survey of doctoral and internship training programs in clinical psychology, focused on training and supervision in empirically supported treatments.

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