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      Div12Now available: Behavioral Emergencies: An Evidence-Based Resource for Evaluating and Managing Suicidal Behavior, Violence, and Victimization

      In this book, Phillip M. Kleespies and his colleagues provide clinicians with critical, evidence-based approaches for the evaluation and management of behavioral emergencies.

      Comprehensive in scope, this book provides a solid knowledge base that will be an invaluable resource for all clinicians.

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      Div12New book released on evidence-based treatment for suicidal behavior

      Suicidal behavior is one of the most devastating problems in modern society. Research over the past two decades has led to the development of excellent empirically supported treatment methods.In this book, Richard McKeon, former Clinical Division Director of the American Association of Suicidology, aims to increase clinicians' access to empirically supported interventions for suicidal behavior, with the hope that these methods will become the standard in clinical practice.

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      Div12Call for Committee Nominations

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      Society of Clinical Psychology invites nominations, including self-nominations, for membership on Division 12 committees beginning January 1, 2009. All positions are for 3-year terms. Please send nominee's name, abbreviated CV, and a brief email expressing interest in and qualifications for a particular committee. Send all materials via email to Lynn Peterson Deadline September 1, 2008.

      • 2 positions (2009-2011) on the FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE (Committee reviews and selects candidates for Fellowship in the Society.  Must be a Fellow of Division 12)

      • 2 positions (2009-2011) on the MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE (Committee will actively recruit new members and develop a retention plan.  Those within five years of receiving their degree are encouraged to apply)

      • 2 positions (2009-2011) on the EDUCATION AND TRAINING COMMITTEE (This Committee shall endeavor to promote the study of clinical psychology and to encourage the development of graduate, postdoctoral, and continuing education in the discipline.  The Committee shall also promote high standards of ethical conduct by clinical psychologists in the content of their training.  This committee also develops CE)

      • 2 positions (2009-2011) on the PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE (This committee shall oversee the operation and publication of the Society’s journal, The Clinical Psychologist, and other Society sponsored publications and mechanisms for communications.)

      • 1 position (2009-2011) on the COMMITTEE ON APA GOVERNANCE  (It is the duty of the Committee to solicit and support the candidacy of Society nominees for various positions, review the credentials and position statements of candidates for APA office, present recommendations to the Executive Committee of the Society Board of Directors for endorsement, and, in timely fashion, to promulgate information relevant to the Board’s concerns to the appropriate bodies.)

      • 2 positions (2009-2011) on the COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE AND PRACTICE  (It is the duty of the Committee to identify and to promote awareness of the scientific basis of psychological treatments, interventions, and assessments, with the goal of enhancing clinical science, training, practice, and public health.)

      • 2 positions (2009-2011) on the COMMITTEE ON DIVERSITY ( to consider the broad issues pertinent to the under representation of diverse groups in the Division (e.g., ethnicity, race, disability status, age, sexual orientation, religion, and gender);  to ensure that diversity considerations are addressed in all issues relevant to the Society of Clinical Psychology;  to increase recruitment, retention, equitable representation, and involvement of culturally diverse groups in our Division.)

      Div12The results are in! Divison 12 members vote to approve proposed bylaws changes.

      In a recent vote on two proposed bylaw changes Division 12 members overwhelming supported the motions presented. The first proposal to go before members, requiring a vote on whether to "approve" or "not approve", read as follows:

      The mission statement of the Society of Clinical Psychology is: The mission of the Society of Clinical Psychology is to encourage and support the integration of psychological science and practice in education, research, application, advocacy and public policy, attending to the importance of diversity.

      This bylaw change gathered 582 votes to "approve," 243 votes to "not approve," and 4 votes of "no reply."

      The second proposal to go before members, requiring a vote on whether to "approve" or "not approve," read as follows:

      The Society of Clinical Psychology will no longer require pro and con statements to be submitted for changes to its Bylaws.

      This bylaw change gathered 620 votes to "approve," 195 votes to "not approve," and 14 votes of "no reply."

      WordTo see more details on the results, and the pro & con statements for each proposal, download the following Word documents: "Ballot Results" and "Two Proposed Division 12 Bylaws Changes."

      APA Society of Clinical Psychology announces Graduate Student Awards: 2007 Competition

      The Society of Clinical Psychology (APA Division 12) is pleased to announce the fourth annual competition for three awards for graduate students in clinical psychology. The three awards include the Distinguished Student Research Award, honoring a student who has made exemplary theoretical or empirical contributions to research in psychology; the Distinguished Student Practice Award, honoring a graduate student who has made outstanding practice contributions to the profession; and the Distinguished Student Service Award, honoring a graduate student who has made outstanding service contributions to the profession and community. Recipients of the student awards receive a plaque, a $200 honorarium contributed jointly by Division 12 and Journal of Clinical Psychology (JCLP & JCLP: In Session), and a complimentary two-year subscription to JCLP and JCLP: In Session. Deadline for receipt of nominations material is November 1st, 2006. For details regarding eligibility and the nomination process, please visit our Student Page.

      New award created for 2007: The Outstanding Clinical Educator Award

      The Society of Clinical Psychology is happy to announce the creation of a new award to a psychologist displaying excellence in mentoring clinical psychology graduate students, interns, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty. This new award will be known as "the Outstanding Clinical Educator Award." The award is meant to recognize those individuals who have been outstanding in supporting, encouraging and promoting education and training, professional and personal development, and career guidance to junior colleagues. Visit Fellowship and Awards to learn more about this new honor!

      New Student Section for Division 12: Section 10 - Graduate Students and Early Career Psychologists

      IIn recognition of the ever-growing number of graduate students and early career psychologists transitioning to full member status, the Society of Clinical Psychology is proud to announce the formation of Section 10: Graduate Students and Early Career Psychologists. This new section will represent the interests and concerns of graduate students and early career psychologists throughout the Division, and will provide a forum for announcements and communication among graduate students and early career psychologists in clinical psychology. Visit Division 12 Sections to learn more about this new group.


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