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Division 12 Students
    Thank-you for your interest in the Division of Clinical Psychology’s Empirically Supported Treatment material. The following is available in a single bound copy for $30 through the Division 12 Central Office:
    • The Clinical Psychologist (winter 95) vol. 48, no. 1. Training in and dissemination of empirically validated treatments.
      The initial report of the Chambless Task Force describing the development of criteria for empirically supported treatments and the first list of treatments reviewed by the TF that met these criteria.
    • TCP (fall 95) vol. 48, no. 4. Manuals for empirically validated treatments.
      A review by Sanderson and Woody of materials and resources available for training in empirically supported treatments. There is also a 1998 update of this list.
    • TCP (spring 96) vol. 49, no. 2. An update on empirically validated treatments. A second report from the Chambless Task Force describing additional thinking about the TF initiative and providing an expanded and re-organized list of treatments.
    • TCP (Vol 51, no.1). Update on empirically validated therapies, II.
      The final report from the Chambless Task Force with a third iteration of the treatment list that adds some areas previously underrepresented.
    • Manuals List Update for 1998

    If you would like to purchase these reports, please send request/check ($30) to:

    Division 12 EST Material
    P.O. Box 1082
    Niwot,CO 80544-1082

    Individual reports are not sold separately.

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