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Section VII Business Meeting Minutes,
August 26th, 2001

Moscone Convention Center, APA, San Francisco California

     Voting board members present: Phillip Kleespies, Ph.D., Dale McNiel, Ph.D., Alec Miller, Psy.D., Robert Yufit, Ph.D.; Non-voting members present: Bruce Bongar, Ph.D., Richard McKeon, Ph.D.

Dr. Yufit commented that a slogan for the section may be helpful (e.g., “Become a COMPLETE psychologist—join Section VII”). To increase membership, increased incentives to join were discussed. For example, perhaps we could help reduce APAIT malpractice insurance (e.g., 15% discount) if you attend risk management 8-hour course. Section VII could offer to conduct 1 hour of the day-long workshop.Section VII could also look into conducting a Post Doctoral Institute for Division 12 in conjunction with the next APA convention, and could fold Section VII membership cost into participants’ registration cost.

Dr. Kleespies is writing a book on end of life issues. How do we increase interest in suicide and violence potential? Could we place APA copyright materials on Section VII website? Suggestion to put suicide/violence reference list on website.

Dr. Robert Woody, Division 12 Treasurer, requires a letter in order for Section VII to obtain money for specified project. Project entails reviewing internship programs listed on APPIC website to identify which programs offer either a “major” or “informal” experience in crisis intervention. Section VII members will survey individual programs as to their definitions of “major” and “informal.” Dr. Bongar offered the assistance of one or more of his students who might be interested in developing this project into a dissertation.

Dr. Kleespies reported on his meeting with Dr. Beverly Thorn from CUDCP. She suggested that behavioral crises and emergency curricula should be folded into existing graduate school course curricula. For example, material could be incorporated into courses on topics such as psychopathology and interviewing. Additionally, she recommended that we offer workshops to graduate programs. We could also provide relevant articles/references on managing behavioral emergencies to graduate programs. Dr. Thorn plans to present these ideas to CUDCP mid-winter meeting.

Dr. Brief, in absentia, provided a Treasurer’s report. As of August 26, 2001, the section has a balance of $2,066.43. The possibility of soliciting donations to the section (e.g., from pharmaceutical companies, survivors, etc.) was discussed. Dr. Miller reported that he and Jason Spiegelman, student representative, co-authored a column entitled, “Behavioral emergencies: New efforts to improve psychology training.” -- to be published in the APPIC newsletter this Fall/Winter (see “Graduate Student Spotlight”).

Dr. Boergers, in absentia, called for papers for the Section VII Newsletter.

Dale McNeil and Bruce Bongar discussed the need to start planning for the next APA meeting in Chicago. Considerations – CE credits, minimizing legal liability, integrating science and practice.

Next conference call scheduled for 9/19/01 at 10am PST.