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Section VII (Clinical Crises and Emergencies), Division 12 (Clinical),
American Psychological Association

Date: August 25, 2002

Present: Phillip Kleespies, Dale McNiel, Lillian Range, Alec Miller, Bruce Bongar, Vicki Johanneck, Bob Yufit

President McNiel complemented President-Elect Bongar on the superb programs for Section VII. Bongar and Berman have already discussed the 2003 program.

President McNiel also awarded a plaque of appreciation to Past President Yufit. The EC thanks Yufit for all his contributions to this section. Yufit volunteered to continue to be involved in this section.

Kleespies reported that the Directory of internships with training in behavioral emergencies is posted as an attachment on both the APPIC web site and on the Section VII website so that potential internship applicants and graduate school programs can access it. Also, there will be notice of the Directory in the November issues of both "The Clinical Psychologist" and the APPIC Newsletter. He thanked Spiegelman and DeBrule for their help in moving this project forward.

Treasurer Kleespies presented the Section VII budget for 2002, as required by Division 12 and APA bylaws. Those present agreed that the Section's financial affairs were in good standing.

Range distributed the list of new members who accepted the division’s offer of a year’s free membership because they are training directors at internship sites where they offer training in clinical crises and emergencies. Currently 41 (11/1/02) people have taken advantage of this offer, and membership is at 161. These members will have voting privileges, and will be invited to renew their membership next year. The EC was pleased with this growth.

Miller discussed the Division 12 Board meeting, and said that he would find out whether agencies could be members of our section.

There was some discussion of Section VII applying to have a PDI or CPE workshop on behavioral emergencies at the 2003 APA Convention in Toronto.

The EC appreciated the attendance of Johanneck, noting that it is good to have student members at EC meetings.

The EC expressed appreciation to Kleespies for coordinating our conference calls, and we will have one in late November. Kleespies will coordinate it again.

Respectfully submitted,
Lillian Range

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