Behavioral Emergencies Update
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The President's Column:
Behavioural Emergencies: Some Current Issues for Clinical Psychologists

Highlights from the 110th Annual APA Convention

Psychology and Terrorism

Adolescent Growth Spurt

Challenges in the Field of Adolescent Suicide Research

Taskforce on Education and Training in Behavioral Emergencies

An Editorial Comment: Assessment of Self-harm, Suicide and Violence Potential

Minutes from the Section VII Business Meeting

Special Offer for Section VII Members



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Adolescent Growth Spurt

Section VII recently experienced an adolescent growth spurt. Triggering this growth spurt was a questionnaire sent to internship training directors that identified training sites that offered some training in clinical crises and emergencies (Kleespies, Spiegelman, & DeBrule, 2002).

This training is directly relevant to our mission. Further, these sites are providing this training for many interns. So, the Section 7 Executive Committee voted to offer training directors at these sites one year’s free membership. We hope that they will invite other staff and interns to join – they have much to offer.

Training Directors:
Terry Abell, PhD, Tallahassee, FL; Summer Allen, PhD, Columbia, MO; Adisa Azubuike, PhD, Albany, NY; Jeffrey Baker, PhD, Galveston, TX; Ilene Bell, PhD, Sherman Oaks, CA; Kerry Brown, PsyD, Cannon Falls, MN; Gail Bruce-Sanford, PhD, Denver, CO; Maureen Burris, PhD, Los Angeles, CA; James Calvert, PhD, Dallas, TX; Kenneth Carlson, PhD, St. Paul, MN; Douglas Carpenter, PsyD, Springfield, MO; Janice Cohen, PhD, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Nina Dominy, PsyD, Albany, OR; Vito Dongiovanni, PsyD, Torrance, PA; Jeana Dressel, PhD, Santa Barbara, CA; David S. Drummond, PhD, Portland, OR; Joyce Earl, PhD, Santa Ana, CA; Kathleen A. Fader, PsyD, Hoffman Estates, IL; Elizabeth Fodor, PhD, Upsilanti, MI; Mark J. Groberski, PhD, Tempe, AZ; Steven Guggenheim, PhD, Roosevelt Island, NY; Susan E. Hall-Marley, Northridge, CA; Patricia Johnstone, PhD, Univ. Park, PA; Holly Kaz, PhD, Boca Raton, FL; Devin Krippner, PhD, Normal, IL; Joseph S. LoCastro, PhD, Boston, MA; Joel Lord, PhD, Kingston, NY; Susan MacQuiddy, PhD, Fort Collins, CO; Jim Maher, PhD, Wyandotte, MI; Cathy M. Mavroles, PhD, Chicago, IL; Philip Pannell, PhD, Pasadena, CA; Douglas Park, PhD, Vancouver, WA; John Pearce, PhD, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Eric Schwartz, PsyD, Erie, PA; Allan Smith, PhD, Brentwood, NY; Brenda Spiegler, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Cheryl Sterling, PhD, Hackensack, NJ; Jack Teitsma, PsyD, Aurora, IL; Lynn M. VanMale, PhD, Portland, OR ; Christopher Webster, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Valerie Williams, PhD, Reno, NV; Virginia Wright, PhD, Charlottesville, VA; April Wursten, Running Springs, CA

Other new members:
Holly Antal, MA, Hattiesburg, MS; Lisa Brown, MA, Odessa, FL; David Clark, PhD, Chicago, IL; Lorraine Green, PhD, Hermitage, TN; Amy Heim, MA, Lexington, MA; Vicki Johanneck, MA, Buffalo, MN; Dean Kilpatrick, Columbia, SC; Kevin Krippner, Normal, IL; Joel Lord, PhD, Kingston, NY; Catherine Cutter, MA, Jamaica Plain, MA; Kristin Penza, Brighton, MA; Allison Ponce, MA, Brookline, MA Marilee Ruebsamen, San Jose, CA; Maya Vaknin-Mordechai, MA, New York, NY; Christopher Webster, PhD, Toronto, Canada


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