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The President's Column: Treatments for suicidal individuals: An exciting update

The Role of Core Competencies in Suicide Risk Assessment and Management

"Clinical Emergencies and Crises" at the 2006 APA Convention

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Victimization, Violence, and Suicide: To What Extent Are They Inter-Related?

Borderline Personality Features Predict Self-Injurious Behavior in Adolescents

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"Clinical Emergencies and Crises"
at the 2006 APA Convention

by Jennifer Hartstein, Psy.D. - St, Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center

David Rudd, Ph.D, the program chair for Section VII at the 2006 APA Convention in New Orleans, did an outstanding job of creating an exciting series of presentations on behavioral emergencies. The highlights included the symposium: Common Risk Factors for Different Forms of Violence, which featured Dr. Rudd speaking on common risk factors for suicide and violence, and Dr. Dean Kilpatrick, speaking about common risk factors for interpersonal victimization and the perpetration of violence. In addition, Dr. Phil Kleespies chaired a Section VII Invited Address by Dr. Kelly Posner entitled Warning Signs about Antidepressants and Suicide in Children and Adults. The program concluded with Dr. Alec Miller's very interesting Presidential Address on Treatments for Suicidal Adolescents.

For the second year, several of the Section VII Board members held a full day Continuing Education Workshop at the convention. It was entitled Behavioral Emergencies with Adolescents: Suicide, Self-Injury, Violence, and Victimization and was co-chaired by Drs. Kleespies and Miller. Dr. Kleespies began the workshopwith an overview of behavioral emergencies while Dr. Miller presented on the evaluation of suicide risk in adolescents in the morning and on using Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) with adolescents in the afternoon. Also in the afternoon, Dr. Dean Kilpatrick presented on assessment of adolescent victims of violence, while Dr. Phillippe Cunningham presented on the evaluation of youth violence risk and on the use of Multisystemic Therapy in treating juvenile offenders. Dr. Kleespies completed this fabulous day with a session entitled, "What do you do when the patient is ready to pull the trigger?"

The Section also presented two awards at the convention. Dr. Miller presented the Section VII Career Achievement Award to Dr. Robert I. Yufit at the Division 12 Awards ceremony. This award was given to Dr. Yufit for his many and enduring contributions to the assessment and prevention of suicidal behavior. The Section VII Graduate Student Research Award was given to Craig J. Bryan, Ph.D., from Baylor University, for his excellent work on a review article entitled Advances in the Assessment of Suicide Risk. This award was accompanied by a $250 honorarium.