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The President's Column: Treatments for suicidal individuals: An exciting update

The Role of Core Competencies in Suicide Risk Assessment and Management

"Clinical Emergencies and Crises" at the 2006 APA Convention

Section Members in Press

Victimization, Violence, and Suicide: To What Extent Are They Inter-Related?

Borderline Personality Features Predict Self-Injurious Behavior in Adolescents

Photos from APA-New Orleans

Section VII Board Members


Photos from APA - New Orleans


(l-r) Alec L. Miller, PsyD, Robert Yufit, PhD, and Phil Kleespies, PhD.
Drs. Miller and Kleespies present Dr.Yufit with the Section VII Lifetime
Achievement Award.

(l-r) Dean Kilpatrick, PhD, Phil Kleespies, PhD, & Alec Miller, PsyD at the Section VII day-long workshop entitled: "Behavioral Emergencies with Adolescents: Suicide, Self-Injury, Violence, Victimization".

Dr. Phillippe Cunningham, of the Medical Uni versity of South Carolina, presenting on youth violence at the day-long Section VII workshop.

Dr. Miller, gives his Section VII Presidential Address on "Treatments for Suicidal Adolescents".