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Fall/Winter 2004-5

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The President's Column

Ethical Issues in Research on Behavioral Emergencies and Crises

Subtle Differences between Self-Injury and Suicide in Adolescents

Section VII in Hawaii

Conference Photos

What is Suicidal Behavior? Definitional Problems in Research and Practice

Congratulations to Our Newly Elected Members

A Message from the Treasurer

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A Message from the Treasurer:
Concerning the Need for a Dues Increase in 2005
Phil Kleespies, Ph.D.

The Section on Clinical Emergencies and Crises has been in existence for slightly more than five years. During that time, we have been able to maintain the Section and its activities with a rather modest membership dues of $15 per year (or $25 for 2 years) for Divisional and Affiliate members, and $5 per year for Graduate Student members.

As might be expected, there have been some fiscal changes for the Section over the course of this five year period. When Section VII began, we were able to rely on Division 12 to absorb some of our expenses and to provide us with a few monetary benefits. While the Division has continued to be supportive, they have found it necessary (because of their own fiscal constraints) to scale back what they can provide for the Sections. Thus, for example, while the Division paid for the Section’s web site expenses in the past, it no longer does so. While the Division formerly gave $300 to each Section that had a 10% increase in membership for the year, it no longer offers this reward. These are small changes and not unreasonable, but they add up. The Section needs to compensate for them and to generate funds for new endeavors and projects.

In response to these demands, the Section VII Board of Directors (reluctantly) has voted to approve a dues increase. Starting in 2005, the new dues schedule will be as follows:

Divisional members - $25 per year
Affiliate (non-divisional) members - $30 per year
Graduate Student members - $10 per year

Of course, those members who, in 2004, opted to pay $25 for two years will be considered as having paid until 2006.

We sincerely hope that you understand the need for this dues increase. With it, we will be able to maintain such things as our newsletter (Behavioral Emergencies Update), our web site, and our program at the annual APA convention. In addition, we may be able to plan for projects that will advance our efforts to promote education and research on suicide risk, violence risk, and vulnerability to interpersonal victimization


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