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Fall/Winter 2004-5

Section on Clinical Emergencies and Crises
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The President's Column

Ethical Issues in Research on Behavioral Emergencies and Crises

Subtle Differences between Self-Injury and Suicide in Adolescents

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What is Suicidal Behavior? Definitional Problems in Research and Practice

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Notes from the Editor
Jennifer L. Hartstein, PsyD.
Montefiore Medical Center

When I was thinking of what to write for this issues column, I took a moment to reflect on 2004 and was amazed at the way things not only changed significantly both in my own life and the world, but also stayed the same. This awareness made me that much more focused on the need for change in the coming year.

As both Lanny and Phil have remarked in this issue, and Bob Yufit discussed in the previous one, it is of the utmost importance that this section continue to put forth informative and helpful research and materials. So many therapists are still unsure of how to help their clients in crises, and, as many graduate school programs still do not have crisis management in their curricula, we are in an enviable position to put the word out there and educate others.  

We have some new contributors to this issue, which is welcome and exciting. I encourage other members to submit material and ideas to be included in future newsletters. It is only through the sharing of information amongst ourselves that we can ensure that we are getting message out there. 

If you have questions about submissions or want to send something for inclusion, please email me at