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Behavioral Emergencies Update

Volume 3, Issue 2
Spring 2002
Section on Clinical Emergenices and Crises
American Psychological Assn.
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Posttraumatic Growth and Crisis (DeBrule & Range)

Integrated Assessment (Hillbrand)

Suicidal Patient Age and Critical Risk Factors (Bongar)

Section VII 2002 APA Convention Program

Task Force Update

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Conference Call, May 8, 2002 (Respectfully submitted by Lillian Range)

Dale McNiel, President
Alec Miller, Council Representative
Phil Kleespies, Treasurer
Bruce Bongar, President Elect
Lillian Range, Secretary
Daniel DeBrule, Student Representative

President McNiel began by thanking Kleespies for enabling us to meet via telephone.

A. Membership. The group discussed institutional memberships for members of APPIC (all 560 +), or individual memberships for those who report that they provide some training in behavioral emergencies (160 programs, 28% of APPIC members). We resolved to:
--Send the newsletter to all APPIC internships (Gonzales and Kleespies);
--Draft a letter to all the 160 who provide training in behavioral emergencies and offer them a free year’s membership (McNiel and Kleespies).

B. Nominantions. Yufit reported on nominations as follows:
-- President: Lanny Berman (who has agreed), Jim Rogers (Yufit will ask him to run).
-- Duberstein (Yufit will ask to run), McKeon (Yufit will ask to run); Gonzales is also a possibility.
--Also, the group discussed the need for balance on the slate, and will try to get a violence and trauma person to run next year.

C. Awards. Alec reported only 2 submissions for student research award, down from 10 last year. The committee will make a selection in the next 10 days, and will inform Division 12. The group approved the Career Achievement Awards and Distinguished Contributions to Research in Clinical Crises and Emergencies Award. Range and Kleespies will coordinate some recognition for this service to the section.

D. Program. Bongar reported that our business meeting is set for APA on Sunday morning 9-10 in the hospitality suite. Program looks good.

E. Education Task Force. Kleespies reported that it is set to go to Michael Roberts.

F. Treasurer. Kleespies reported unpaid membership dues.

G. Our next meeting is Sunday at APA, 9-10am in the Hospitality Suite of Division 12