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Behavioral Emergencies Update

Volume 1, Issue 1
Spring/Summer 2004
Section on Clinical Emergenices and Crises
American Psychological Assn.
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The President's Column:
Who is teaching our youth?

Letter from the Editor

Ideas for Moving Forward

Assessment of Firearm Access

The Lack of Graduate School Training in Suicide Assessment and Management

APA Program Summary


Pre-APA Convention





Jennifer Hartstein, PsyD
Montefiore Medical Center

Dear Members:

As this is my inaugural issue, I wanted to share my ideas regarding the newsletter. First and foremost, I welcome all members to submit articles for publication. While the board frequently includes items, I would love to see other members share their expertise as well. If you have any questions about your submission, please contact me. I encourage everyone to increase their participation.

Second, I want to provide members with a resource that will increase their knowledge base regarding ways to effectively manage behavioral emergencies. More specifically, I would like to have some “topic focused” newsletters, addressing the salient issues within the membership. Additionally, I hope to include reproducible guidelines or resources that provide a summary of the specific topic area, which can be used to educate students, colleagues and patients.

Third, and lastly, I would like the newsletter to be a positive representation of Section VII. The newsletter has been a wonderful way for members, new and old, to interact and learn about new ideas within the area of Clinical Crises and Behavioral Emergencies. I hope to continue this during my time as Newsletter Editor.

I welcome any input and encourage you to submit any ideas you might have!