Counseling Health Psychology

Student Research Award

            The Division 17 Section on Counseling Health Psychology announces its annual Student Research Award to encourage and reward research in areas related to counseling health psychology.  This competitive award will be given each year to a student affiliate of Division 17 who has completed a research project on any topic related to counseling and health.  Only predoctoral research that has not yet been published will be considered for the award.  An abbreviated version of the winning paper will be published in the Section Newsletter Counseling for Health.  The winner will be announced at the annual APA convention.  The winner will also receive a cash award of $100 and a plaque suitable for framing.


All of the research work must have been completed while the candidate was a full-time student and the student must be the primary (first) author. Research may include work leading to a masters or doctoral degree or may be an independent study. Studies that are initiated by the student or for which the student has primary responsibility from beginning to end may be submitted for consideration for this award. All candidates must be student affiliate members of Division 17.  Research can consist of qualitative or quantitative studies although literature reviews alone will not be considered.

Instructions for Submission

1. Three copies of the manuscript resulting from the research.  The manuscript should be in APA format and no longer than 20 typed, double-spaced pages including tables, figures, and references.  Papers exceeding this limit won’t be considered.

2. A letter from the student’s faculty advisor.  The letter should describe the degree to which the candidate had responsibility for the project objectives, design, data collection, data analysis, and manuscript preparation.

3. Submissions will be accepted right away but must be received no later than June 1st, 2014.  Faxed copies will not be accepted. The paper should be emailed to and 3 hard copies mailed to the address below.

Submissions will be reviewed anonymously and ranked by members of Div. 17 Section on Counseling Health Psychology.  Submissions will be rated on methodological rigor, clarity of writing, and contribution to the literature.

Merle Keitel, Ph.D.

Division of Psychological and Educational Services

Graduate School of Education

Fordham University

New York, NY  10023

The Dorothy Booz Award

For Outstanding Achievement in Counseling Health Psychology

            The Dorothy Booz Black Award is given to encourage and reward outstanding research and practice in Counseling Health Psychology. The monetary prize associated with the award is generously donated by Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. The recipient of the award will be announced at the annual convention during the Division 17 Business Meeting.

    This award honors the significant role played by Dorothy Booz Black in the formative developmental and continuing success of Consulting Psychologists Press/Davies Black Publishing. Her long-standing advocacy of the need to improve student and employee health and well being in work organizations, has been noteworthy. In collaboration with John D. Black, she worked diligently and compassionately to promote and celebrate diversity among colleagues, marked by a special kind of gentle caring and respect for person at all levels of the organizations. Her contributions as a member of the Board of Directors of CPP/Davies Black focused on ways the organization could better serve the community. She was interested in how counseling psychologists and other professionals could work to enhance health and diminish disease risks among people using counseling approaches.

    This award is given annually. It will include a check for $1000 and a citation from the President of Division 17. A small dinner (limited to 10 persons) will also be provided to be attended by the current recipient, current Chair of Award Committee, Division President, Current Chair of Counseling Health Psychology Section, and up to 6 other guests to be determined by the awardee. The amount of $400 will be provided annually to cover Award-related expenses.


  1. 1.The individual’s primary contribution is in research and practice of Counseling Psychology focused on health-related processes and outcomes. Such research shall be broadly construed to include a variety of scholarly activities, especially the conduct of empirical research on any health-related problems or issue, including controlled intervention studies. Contributions to professional training, practice, and organizations shall also be considered. Examples of research include: a) line of research studies, often in collaborations with several others, that has identified a new or understudied problem area related to health; b) development of new or revised conceptual models that help clarify health related problems in terms of assessment and interventions; c) integrated scholarly contributions from more than one field of inquiry and/or practice in ways that have encouraged research concerned with health.

  2. 2.The award shall be granted preferably (but not exclusively) to persons with a primary identification with Counseling Psychology and who are members of Division 17. Age, specialty area of doctoral training and years since the doctorate however will not be considered.

  3. 3.No voting members of the Executive Board of Division 17 shall be eligible to be nominated for the Dorothy Booz Black Award during the time they serve on the Board.