Your Division 3 Student Representative is here to “help you to get the most of your APA membership.”

Angela AuBuchon, University of Missouri-Columbia


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Many of you have sent emails asking how you can be more involved in APA and Division 3.  For those of you stumbling across this newsletter, the first thing you want to do is become a Student Affiliate of APA ( which automatically makes you a member of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS). Once you are an APA Student Affiliate, you are eligible to also become a Student Affiliate of Division 3. Just visit the website (, fill out the form, and email it in! It’s that easy (and for students, Div 3 membership is FREE!)

What if you are already a Student Affiliate? To get really involved, you can run for an APAGS leadership position ( But many of you may find the Science Directorate’s Science Student Council ( or the APAGS Science subcommittee to be a better fit. For more information about the APAGS Science subcommittee, email the chairman, Division 3’s own Michael Scullin ( Those of you going to the 2010 Convention in San Diego should also consider becoming an APA Ambassador ( This requires only a small time commitment and is a great opportunity to meet other graduate students at the convention.

To be involved in Division 3, just email me at with your accomplishments for the Division 3 Graduate Student Spotlight!  This month, I’m pleased to introduce:

Kelli Rodvelt, graduate student in the Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory at the University of Missouri, has received numerous accolades for her scholarship, including a 2009 Committee on Animal Research & Ethics (CARE) Imprinting Award from Division 6. This semester, Kelli was also recognized as an Honorary Coach for the University of Missouri Gymnastics team for her excellence in teaching. 


Bill Hosmer earned his Ph.D. in Psychology from Walden University in December 2009. While writing his dissertation on the phenomenology of self-injurious behavior, Bill lost two committee members. His words of wisdom to other graduate students? “Persevere, persevere, persevere!” Now Bill is now a licensed school psychologist and Board Certified Clinical Psychotherapist. He looks forward to starting his own practice and raising his new son, Paxton.